Procedure To Retrieve XML Sent And Received

While using one of the API kits, if you encounter any error that you need to report to CCOL, you would need to provide the XML sent and received for the call you were making. Following is the procedure that you need to follow to retrieve the XML, for the various API kits we provide:

Having retrieved the XML sent & received, please contact us at, along with the following details:

  • PHP kit: Set the debug value to true in the lib/config.php file.

  • Perl kit: Set $debugMode to 1 in the /examples/cgi-bin/constants.cgi file.

  • .NET kit: Set Public Shared DEBUG As Boolean to True in the /examples/util/ApiConstants.vb file.

    • your Reseller Username (Email Address)

    • Service URL you were using

    • API kit Language