Emulate and Debug your API Calls

The API is meant for use of those Resellers who

  • have designed their own interfaces for their existing Products and Services,

  • have some experience with working with SOAP, and


  • have a dedicated team of developers with a greater know-how of one of the programming languages the API Kits are available in.


Typically most Resellers prefer using our existing set of interfaces and integrated modules due to the simplicity and versatility they provide in terms of Order provisioning, payment collection and Order management. If you plan to develop your own Order provisioning and/or interfaces, then you may download one of the CCOL's API Kits.

Additional Information

API Kits

Subsequently, if you face an issue related to an API call at your end then you can view the XML Sent and Received by our Server from within your Reseller Control Panel. This will enable you to troubleshoot the cause of the issue faced in your implementation (on your Server).

Emulate API calls

  • Use this while you are integrating our system with yours.

  • This will enable you to see what you are sending (to our Server) and receiving (from our Server).

If your Development Team, before downloading and installing our API wishes to see the complete functionality of the API Kit, then they can Emulate our API on either your Demo Account or your Live Account.