Changes to Control Panel Branding for Disaster Recovery Setup

CCOL will be going live with the Disaster Recovery Setup for the Control Panel on June 23, 2014. This setup is being put in place to improve system stability and increase redundancy.

Affected Systems: Control Panel

To benefit from this, it is strongly recommended that you switch from A Record to CNAME Record for branding Control Panel before June 23, 2014.

Please use the below mentioned CNAME Record instead of the current A Record (which point to the IP

  • Control Panel: CNAME Record to be mapped to In CNAME


If you have set up email (MX Record) on your primary Domain Name, you may use a Subdomain such as for your Control Panel URL to avoid clashes between CNAME and MX Records.

Additional Information

How to add a CNAME Record

Please ensure you have made the above mentioned change before June 23, 2014 in order to be fully compliant with this setup. Upon making the change, in the event of a network failure, an attack or any such unforeseeable disaster, OrderBox will be seamlessly transitioned to the mirror instance and ensure that you get maximum uptime. An added benefit of using a CNAME Record instead of an A Record for your branding is that any future IP changes made by us will not impact your branding.

Please feel free to get in touch with our Support Team at, in case of any queries/doubts.