Understanding Virtuozzo Power Panel

Virtuozzo (VZPP) or Parallels Power Panel (PPP) is a web based administration panel for your VPS container.

You can access this panel using the below details -


URL: https://<Your_IP_Address>:4643

Username: root

Password: Password for the root user

Manage your VPS Container through Virtuozzo (VZPP) or Parallels Power Panel (PPP)

You can treat your Virtual Server just as any other server, and carry out the following operations through this panel -


It is advisable to use WHM root, if installed and wherever possible, since cPanel's services configurations are different from the default template installation. However, you need PPP for Starting, Stopping, Restarting, and File Manager options.

  • Start / Stop / Restart / Suspend: A container can be managed (start / shut down / restart / suspend) like an ordinary computer using the options on top of the panel.

  • Change Password: This option lets you change your VPS password.


    The new password is to be used to access the Power Panel, SSH, and WHM root.

  • File Manager: This is the web based file manager for the root user.

  • Resources: This section gives you an overview of resources utilization for CPU, Memory, and Disk. You should make a note of resources nearing their capacity and take necessary action to avoid any interruptions in the service.

  • System Services: This option lets you Start, Restart, Stop and Autostart (starts automatically on container startup) the services such as crond, httpd, iptables, sshd, etc.

  • System Processes: This lists all the running applications/processes in a tabular format with information of PID, CPU%, Mem%, Command, User, etc.

  • Status Changes: All the changes in the status of your container are logged and displayed on this page. Status can be Starting, Restarting, Stopping or Running.

  • Tasks log: This section displays the last 20 operations performed on a container using the PPP in order of the Task name, Status (Completed/Failed) and a detailed report.

  • Firewall: You may use this option in case of any connectivity issues with your container.


Re-Install and Repair options cannot be used through your PPP as they require certain administrative privileges on the server.